Monday, September 18, 2017

Emotions Unit - Happy :)

Today we began our Emotions Unit.  We will spend the next two days working on HAPPY :)  During morning meeting, we read a book about Happiness and then came up with this awesome word list.  Ask your child which words he/she associates with the feeling of happiness!
Stay tuned for MAD and SAD later in the week...

Water table exploration!

After rest time, during afternoon choices, friends work on "Mirror Self Portraits."

Viola creates a self portrait using the gems and jewels.  Very creative, Viola!

Leaf Self Portraits

Our family tree is just about complete and it looks fantastic!

 Friends work on Leaf Self Portraits with the leaves we collected on our nature walk through Steven's Park.  How creative!

Taya and Iris play a heated game of Match.  So serious! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Friends work with the dry erase boards and letter rocks today during morning free choice. 

Our Daily Reflection question yesterday was in reference to the Magic Tree House book we're reading during our afternoon read aloud.  "What kind of dinosaur do you think Jack and Annie will see?"  Friends use some class dinosaur books as a reference while drawing their pictures.

Iris, our calendar helper today, writes the number 13 for us.  Great job, Iris!

For our "All About Me" morning activity, we talk about the various things that can make us similar to or different than others.  Today we focused on eye color.  After taking a quick peek in the mirror, we graph our eye color on our class graph.  

For our first ever graphing activity, friends did a FANTASTIC job following directions, participating, asking/answering questions and understanding graphing concepts/math language (equal, more than, less than, greater, most, least, etc.).  Great work!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Nature Walk and Mud Kitchen!

Discoverers head out on their Nature Walk to Stevens Park :)

Our mission was to collect large branches for our classroom family tree...mission accomplished!  Great work, friends!

One of our former families donates a FANTASTIC mud kitchen to our program!  
Wow!  Check this thing out!

One of the jobs we have in our classroom is the calendar helper.  Today, Ryan writes the number 11 for us to put on our calendar.  Excellent work, Ryan!