Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Letters O and P

Nice crate structure, everyone!

Ms. Casey reads one of our Mercy Watson books during morning free choice...we've got quite a crowd forming here!

Kellan and Kai work together in the block area to create a home for all of our ocean animals.  

O is for Ocean!

P is for Popsicle People!

Friends set up a lovely picnic in our meeting area :)

Our letter P sound circle!

Spring has sprung!  Well, at least for one glorious day.  We had so much fun taking our coats off, enjoying the sunshine and warmth and playing in the mud!

P is for Pizzas.  We make some super yummy pepperoni and pepper pizzas for our Pizza Pajama Party (that's A LOT of p words!).

Thursday, February 15, 2018


L is for Lion!

M is for Monster!

Our Alphatales story and word list for the letter N.

Marble Painting!

Nice work practicing your numbers, Iris!

 Poppy writes the word octopus and then draws a picture to go with it.  She comes up with the super creative idea of recreating it on paper as well, so she can save it.  Fantastic problem solving!

N is for Noodle Necklaces!

Valentine mailboxes :)

"Hey, Ms. Christina...where did all of our stuffies go?!?!?!"

Nice crate fort!

Monsters like to have fun too, ya know!

Icicle Painting!

Vowels can be tricky, but not for us!  Check out this Outstanding O list.