Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bubbles...Up, Up and Away!

Friends work during morning free choice to make bubble wands out of pipe cleaners and beads. It was tricky making those shapes, but we did it!

Up, Up, Up the bubbles went! Our bubble wands worked!

Letter U Sound Circle!

Our U sound circle yielded 4 unicorns, 4 umbrellas, some utensils, a ukulele and a United States flag and puzzle. Nice work for such a tricky letter!

Thomas shows off his ukulele skills during afternoon recess. Thanks for sharing, Molly!

Wyatt and Graham make a spy map leading to Penguin Island, jet skis and all! 

Balloon Races and Water Experiments

Friends work on making their "hot hair balloon baskets" for our balloon races.

Katie helps friends fly their balloons. We needed to modify our technique several times, but that's what science experiments are all about. Awesome problem solving everyone!

Friends experiment with various materials in the water table. Connor and Morgan get creative with the straws and turkey basters. 

Molly and Wyatt use an old marker box to sort animals in the block area. What a creative idea for making animal homes!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Friday's Hard Work

Jacob works on his Summer tree for our Four Season Tree project.

Wow! Check out that awesome animal train! Nice teamwork, everyone!

Talk about an awesome block structure!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Tiny Thumbprint Trains!

Today we read the book Freight Train and made our own Tiny Thumbprint Trains. We loved adding our tiny details with Sharpies after inking our fingerprints. Check out the finished products in the book area!

Wyatt and Thomas huddle together as "tiny tigers" during morning recess. So cute!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Letter T Sound Circle!

T is for Train! Awesome teamwork, friends!

Our letter T sound circle yielded a tennis racquet, toilet paper, 3 trucks, a turtle, a triceratops and a tiger. Terrific! 

T is for Trees!

Friends begin working on their Four Season Tree Project during afternoon choices. Spring was we'll work on Summer!

Our Weekly Reader Three Ways to Say "Stay Away!" was full of fun facts. We loved learning about how animals communicate danger to predators.