Tuesday, April 14, 2015

S is for Science!

Yesterday we began a science experiment focused on absorbing colored liquid from one jar to the next with paper towels. Could the paper towel absorb the blue liquid and make it travel to the empty middle jar? What about the red liquid? What would happen if the liquids mixed together? We had many questions and hypotheses as our day came to a close.

Coming into the classroom this morning, we were pleasantly surprised to see the changes in our science experiment. The blue and yellow liquids were absorbed by the paper towels and made a green liquid while the blue and red liquids made purple. So cool! 

This afternoon we began a new science experiment with carnations and food coloring. What will happen if we emerge the carnations in blue liquid? What about red? Or green? Or yellow? We will answer this question tomorrow when we make our second observation. We will record these observations in true scientist  fashion during morning free choice and will share our ideas during our meeting.

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