Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Mania!

Hooray! Our classroom bucket is complete! Great job filling our bucket with kind words and actions, friends! We practice kindness each and every day and it shows in our awesome classroom community :)

Kallen and Jacob work together to sort gems during morning free choice. Hmmmm...where does the pink AND blue gem go?

Jacob shows off his Show and Tell skills with our very first Show and Tell of the school year. Both Jacob and the audience did a fantastic job!

Makenna works on a slightly different version of bucket filling. 

Our walk to Maple Street Park was a success! Thanks for being safe, everyone.

As usual, Maple Street Park was a blast! We are very lucky to be so close!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Filling Those Buckets!

Jack builds a "machine" out of PVC pipes and drops various toys down the chute. What a great way to explore cause and effect!

"Come in the car and pick out your's going to be a loooooooong ride!"

Space ship selfie with Jacob :)

Our clasroom bucket is looking great! Now we just need to fill it with kind actions and words.

Leah paints the star that she will add to our classroom bucket.

Miss Katie asks Lily which kind act she would like to add to our bucket. Lily says, "sharing things with friends is nice." It sure is...great work, Lily!

Mason and Wes paint their star/heart for our bucket. We can't wait to finish this project and see the final product!

During morning meeting, we read "How Full is Your Bucket." Afterwards, we share our favorite parts of the story. We all agree that Felix did a great job turning his day around and filling buckets rather than dipping into them. It reminds us that we can always get ourselves back on track.

We continued working on our friendship chain during morning activities. We realized that it can be tricky to work so closely with friends and that friendship can sometimes be as fragile as paper. We also learned, though, that we can still work together and problem solve to make it ok for everyone.

Don't forget to check out our teacher bios in the hallway! We have an awesome team and want you to know who's who.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Creative Outdoor Play!

Eva and Miss Stacey...reunited and it feels so good!

Friends practice their balancing skills along the borders of our wood chipped area.

Jacob and Leah pretend to be helicopters on the swings. 

Captain Wes keeps an eye out for "bad guys" while the girls cook up some poison down below.

Laura looks pretty sweet for someone who's making poison out of wood chips and grass clippings :)

Mason finds a caterpillar. Thanks for being so gentle with this little guy! Nature and understanding what it is and how it effects us is an important part of our classroom culture. 

Friends work together to pull up a rogue root from the playground. 

It was a BIG one! Great teamwork!

Lunch! One of our favorite times of day!

Friends listen to a book on tape as they eat lunch. What a great way to wind down from a busy morning.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our First Day!

Wow! What a fantastic first day we had together! Our new 4/5 group really showed off their listening and problem solving skills while working and playing alongside one another. We are so excited to have this school year underway...hooray!

Check out that line to go outside!

We read "Have You Filled a Bucket Today" by Carol McCloud during morning meeting. The foundation of our program and classroom is based on building a sense of community and fostering respect for all things and people. By introducing children to this book and the idea of these "invisible buckets" we all carry around, it really sets the stage for where we want to be as a classroom community. 

Wes, Kallen and Quinn work together to complete an alphabet puzzle. Using the dry erase strip to write down the alphabet was just what they needed to get started!

Great teamwork, boys!

Eloise notices a "tunnel" in her foam dough. Peek-a-Boo...I see you!

Jack looks at a book on tape while waiting for his turn with the foam dough.

Playing animal "family" in the sand table sure is fun!

Charlotte says, "I'm a really great builder!" as she sits down to use the Magna Clix. She wasn't kidding either!

Nolan and his dad sign in at the writing table first thing in the morning. Everyone did a fantastic job writing their names...very impressive!

"Wait...what are you doing? We're just pictures!" Hahaha! Silly boys.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Impromptu Cookie Run!

We decided to take a last minute walk to the Quality Bakeshop for some cookies today. Yum! What a fun (and delicious) trip!