Thursday, August 27, 2015

Creative Outdoor Play!

Eva and Miss Stacey...reunited and it feels so good!

Friends practice their balancing skills along the borders of our wood chipped area.

Jacob and Leah pretend to be helicopters on the swings. 

Captain Wes keeps an eye out for "bad guys" while the girls cook up some poison down below.

Laura looks pretty sweet for someone who's making poison out of wood chips and grass clippings :)

Mason finds a caterpillar. Thanks for being so gentle with this little guy! Nature and understanding what it is and how it effects us is an important part of our classroom culture. 

Friends work together to pull up a rogue root from the playground. 

It was a BIG one! Great teamwork!

Lunch! One of our favorite times of day!

Friends listen to a book on tape as they eat lunch. What a great way to wind down from a busy morning.


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