Friday, August 28, 2015

Filling Those Buckets!

Jack builds a "machine" out of PVC pipes and drops various toys down the chute. What a great way to explore cause and effect!

"Come in the car and pick out your's going to be a loooooooong ride!"

Space ship selfie with Jacob :)

Our clasroom bucket is looking great! Now we just need to fill it with kind actions and words.

Leah paints the star that she will add to our classroom bucket.

Miss Katie asks Lily which kind act she would like to add to our bucket. Lily says, "sharing things with friends is nice." It sure is...great work, Lily!

Mason and Wes paint their star/heart for our bucket. We can't wait to finish this project and see the final product!

During morning meeting, we read "How Full is Your Bucket." Afterwards, we share our favorite parts of the story. We all agree that Felix did a great job turning his day around and filling buckets rather than dipping into them. It reminds us that we can always get ourselves back on track.

We continued working on our friendship chain during morning activities. We realized that it can be tricky to work so closely with friends and that friendship can sometimes be as fragile as paper. We also learned, though, that we can still work together and problem solve to make it ok for everyone.

Don't forget to check out our teacher bios in the hallway! We have an awesome team and want you to know who's who.

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