Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Letter B Sound Circle!

Our letter B sound circle was AMAZING today! We had single Bs like Barbie and bird, double Bs like big boat and black bear, a triple B for Eva's big Bailey Book and even a quadrouple B...a baby black and blue batman! You knocked our socks right off, friends! Way to go!

Nolan explores the overhead projector during morning free choice. Check out that snowflake!

B is for building! Eloise and Laura create a gas station for their truckload of penguins during free choice. Charlotte makes an awesome motorcycle and Jack and Nolan make "cutting machines." 

The Letter B!

After reading our Aplphatales story Bear's Bubble Beard, we brainstorm a list of words that begin with Bb.

***Don't forget that tomorrow is our letter Bb Sound Circle!!!!!

B is for Busy Town! Friends play this fun board game while learning teamwork and cooperation. 

B is for buttons! Charlotte, Laura and Eloise sort buttons during morning free choice. What a great way to practice their classifying skills!

B is for books! Quinn and Jack look at a book together during quiet choices.

Our first music session with Raphael Groten was a great success! His creative and interactive time with us was a blast! Ask your child about the songs we sang :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

A is for Alligator!

Check out our cardboard box alligator! He now lurks above our cupboards in the classroom. What a fantastic project...great teamwork, friends!

A is for Apple! We finished up our thank you card for Casey at Chapin Orchard and sent it off with the 3/4 class this morning. What a great way to show kindness and appreciation for a great field trip!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Officer Miglinis Visits!

Officer Miglinis comes to visit us with his patrol car!

Friends get to check out the back seat of the patrol car where the "bad guys" sit.

Officer Miglinis does a great job of showing us around the car and explaining all of the important tools that allow him to do his job.

Quinn and Jack check out the front seat through the divider window.

Patrol car selfie. I couldn't help myself :)

Jacob jumps out the back seat after pretending to be "under arrest."

Police officers have a lot of helpful tools in their patrol cars. We saw a fire extinguisher, road spikes, cones and caution tape in the trunk of the car. All of these things make it possible for Officer Miglinis to help others in our community.

Yikes! Those sirens are loud!

Hugs after a wonderful visit. Thanks for coming Officer Miglinis...we learned a ton and had a blast!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Letter A Sound Circle!

A is for alligators, Allie (great idea, Makenna :), apples, apron, armadillo, astronaut, airplane and artichoke! We had a fantastic sound circle this morning. Everyone came up with great A words to share...nice work, friends!

Friends do a great job working together to peel, slice and dice apples from yesterday's field trip. We will use these delicious apples to make apple crisp this afternoon...YUM!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple Picking at Chapin Orchard!

We had a blast today at Chapin Orchard! Thanks to all the chaperones and kiddos with great listening ears for making our trip so awesome :)

Petya and Kimberly help to make apple cider. That press was no needed muscles to work that thing! It was hard work, but the cider was delicious!

We learned all about apples, how to maintain the orchard and how important bees are for the whole growing process. We also learned some great songs that we will revisit this week during morning meeting.

Checking out the bees...buzzzzzz...buzzzzzz!

Off to the orchard we go!

We learn how the farmer keeps the trees in the orchard safe from pesky insects and rodents. We had to use our detective skills to find the clues hidden in the trees.

We found juuuuuuuust the right apples!

The best part of the trip...eating those delicious apples! Crunch...crunch...crunch!

What do you see when you cut open an apple?

A star!

Mason and Quinn give Casey (our tour guide) a hand with the wagon on the way back to the barn. Such good helpers!

We take a quick peek at the pigs, chickens and bunnies before we head over to munch on cider donuts (thank you, Nicole!).

***Reminder: Tomorrow is our first sound circle. Please help your child find something at home that begins with the letter Aa. We will share them tomorrow during morning meeting.