Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple Picking at Chapin Orchard!

We had a blast today at Chapin Orchard! Thanks to all the chaperones and kiddos with great listening ears for making our trip so awesome :)

Petya and Kimberly help to make apple cider. That press was no joke...you needed muscles to work that thing! It was hard work, but the cider was delicious!

We learned all about apples, how to maintain the orchard and how important bees are for the whole growing process. We also learned some great songs that we will revisit this week during morning meeting.

Checking out the bees...buzzzzzz...buzzzzzz!

Off to the orchard we go!

We learn how the farmer keeps the trees in the orchard safe from pesky insects and rodents. We had to use our detective skills to find the clues hidden in the trees.

We found juuuuuuuust the right apples!

The best part of the trip...eating those delicious apples! Crunch...crunch...crunch!

What do you see when you cut open an apple?

A star!

Mason and Quinn give Casey (our tour guide) a hand with the wagon on the way back to the barn. Such good helpers!

We take a quick peek at the pigs, chickens and bunnies before we head over to munch on cider donuts (thank you, Nicole!).

***Reminder: Tomorrow is our first sound circle. Please help your child find something at home that begins with the letter Aa. We will share them tomorrow during morning meeting.

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