Friday, September 11, 2015

Community Walk and Scavenger Hunt!

During morning meeting, we work together to create a list of all the things we may see on our community walk through Essex Junction. 

Friends work with Miss Katie in the block area to create road ways for our cars. "What do our streets look like in our community?"

Miss Katie and Miss Amy work with friends to make paper bag houses and buildings for our community block area. What a clever idea! 

Check out our original scavenger hunt list compared to the one we ended up with after our community walk! We live in a busy, safe and wonderful community!

We go over our scavenger hunt list before heading out.

Walking the beautiful streets of Essex Junction.

Look! The fire trucks are out at the fire station! 

Our community walk inevitably leads us to Steven's Park. It may not be much, but we certainly love to visit!

Eloise finds a lady bug friend :)

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