Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Math, Math and More Math!

Today during morning free choice, friends and I finished up our Class Height Chart. We each took turns being measured and then recorded the heights on our chart. We learned measurement/math words such as measure, height, inches, feet, yard, and ruler.  Watch us grow as we record our height again in November!

Mason shows Lily and Laura where his name is on the height chart. 

We will continue to track our height throughout the school year. Stay tuned to see how much your preschooler has grown! 

As part of our All About Me unit, we talked about attributes we each have that make us both similar and unique. Today we talked about eye color. 

Quinn looks in the mirror to see which color his eyes are.

Karsyn says, "My eyes are definitely brown!" when it's her turn to share with the group. 

With the data we collected, we created an eye color graph. While graphing we used math words/concepts such as more than, less than, equal, higher, lower, most and least. We also used phrases like "I notice..." or "My observation is..." to share our thoughts with friends. We have quite the group of mathematicians in here!

Check out our homemade catapults! Perhaps we have some engineers in here too :)

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