Thursday, September 24, 2015

Officer Miglinis Visits!

Officer Miglinis comes to visit us with his patrol car!

Friends get to check out the back seat of the patrol car where the "bad guys" sit.

Officer Miglinis does a great job of showing us around the car and explaining all of the important tools that allow him to do his job.

Quinn and Jack check out the front seat through the divider window.

Patrol car selfie. I couldn't help myself :)

Jacob jumps out the back seat after pretending to be "under arrest."

Police officers have a lot of helpful tools in their patrol cars. We saw a fire extinguisher, road spikes, cones and caution tape in the trunk of the car. All of these things make it possible for Officer Miglinis to help others in our community.

Yikes! Those sirens are loud!

Hugs after a wonderful visit. Thanks for coming Officer Miglinis...we learned a ton and had a blast!

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