Thursday, September 3, 2015

PVC Pipes, Cars and Tires...Oh My!

Friends continue to explore the PVC pipes and matchbox cars during morning free choice. We discovered a whole new set of cars this morning...what a treat!

Charlotte is deep in thought as she works on her fuse bead dog.

Nice work, Eva!

Eloise finishes up her cat project during quiet choices.

Friends line up with Miss Amy for a tire race during morning recess.

And they're off!

Round Two!

The third time around, friends push their tires the entire way down the hill and then back up again.

Phew! That's hard work!

Smart guy. Kallen chooses a light motorcycle tire for his weapon of choice.

Karsyn has a heavy tire, but she doesn't give up. Keep going, Karsyn, you can do it!

1 comment:

  1. Those PVC Pipes that the kids used were the same pipes my son loved to make as his car toy's tunnel. Those kids were very amusing, fun learning methods.