Monday, September 21, 2015

The Letter A!

Today we began our "Letters of the Week." Each Monday, we will read the corresponding Alphatales story and brainstorm a list of words that begin with that letter.

Today's story was The Adventures of Abby Alligator. Ask your child what their favorite part of the story was!

After the story, friends are given time to think about a word that begins with the letter Aa. We use the pictures in the book to help us when we get stuck.

As we take turns sharing our ideas, we write down the words and create a word list for the letter Aa. This is a great way for children to see writing in action and to start connecting these early literacy skills.

Check out this awesome list!

***Don't forget about our letter Aa Sound Circle on Wednesday! 

Quinn runs to me during quiet choices and says, "Hey look! I found a word that starts with the letter A!" Nice work, Quinn...what a great connection!

A is for Afternoon on the Amazon! Big kids read chapter books so here we go! We began our first (of hopefully many, many more) Magic Tree House book today during read aloud. We will do our best to connect these chapter books to either the letter of the week or to current themes in our classroom. Again, some great literacy concepts happening here!

Friends make a secret hideaway during morning recess. Very, very sneaky little ninjas!

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