Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Day Full of Discoveries!

E is for Eyes! Friends look in the mirror to get a closer look at their eye color.

E is for Explore! We worked with water beads today during morning free choice and made some wonderful discoveries as we explored.

"Why do the beads look like they're different colors? Kallen looks like he has Halloween beads!" We discovered that the color of he bowl and/or placemat can "change" the appearance of the beads even though they are all the same color. Great detective work, friends!

Mason finds a rogue teardrop shaped water bead amongst all of the spheres. What a day for discoveries!

Wes makes a paper dog during free choice. How cute!

Today during our music session with Raf, we learned about dynamics (how loud/quiet music is) and tempo (how fast/slow the beat is). Here, we're crawling like bears to an animal song.

Jack finds a "baby" lady bug outside during recess. No insects were harmed during this process...he gently put it back in it's home :)

Sneaky little gremlins...

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