Tuesday, October 6, 2015

C is for Cookie (that's good enough for me!)

C is for delicious chocolate chip cookies! These were fun to make, but will be even better to eat this afternoon! Yum!

We played a super fun game during morning meeting today! Ask your child all about "Who's Missing?"

We had another fantastic music session with Raf today! We sang some spooky Halloween songs and even learned a new word...C is for CAULDRON!

Jack was on the edge of his seat during music today :)

The "Teddy Bear Picnic" was one of our faves as we marched through the classroom. Ask your child what his/her favorite song was today.

After a rousing song of "Sit Down, Stand Up," we are breathless and need a break!

At the end of our music session, Raf lets us strum the guitar...how cool!

Friends get a running start to create some super awesome action poses!

***Don't forget that tomorrow is our letter C sound circle!

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