Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Shenanigans!

E is for Easter Egg shakers! We had a blast making these noisy little numbers today during free choice. Thanks for the idea, Beth Knox :)

Wes practices his kindergarten writing skills during free choice. Check out the alphabet AND all those E!

Miss Katie and friends play "Count your chickens" during morning free choice. It took a lot of cooperation and patience to play with such a large group, but everyone did a great job!

Eva shares a wonderful shared snack with us...blueberry muffins and watermelon! It was quite a treat to have her Mom, Amber, and two brothers join us. Thanks for the awesome visit!

During quiet choices, Jacob reads an ocean book. He is particularly interested in learning more about the angler fish and the light it uses to attract its prey.

The three musketeers enjoy a book on tape during quiet choices.

E is for Egg toss!  Great idea, boys :)

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