Thursday, October 22, 2015


Karsyn, Charlotte and Laura explore colored water, eye droppers and wax paper during morning free choice. So many science concepts wrapped up on this fun little bundle (i.e. properties of water, coloring mixing, predictions, hypothesises and experimenting with various surfaces).

Laura enjoys experimenting with the various colored water drops. "Oh my goodness...I just made green! I love this. I'm never stopping!"

"Hey! The water is rolling away!"

"I just made a huge drop! I'm going to add more water!"

Karsyn notices that the water reacts to the paper towel much differently then the wax paper. "Hey! It's spreading all out!" Our new vocabulary word for today...absorb!

Jack uses the abacus to count to 17. 

Three mischievous little monkeys from the 3/4 room are trying to break through our playground gate!

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