Monday, October 12, 2015

The Letter D!

Today we began working on the letter D! After our Aplhatales story "Detective Dog and the Disappearing Donuts," we brainstormed our letter D word list. 

We came up with a great list! Ask your child which word he/she contributed.

During morning free choice, friends work with the "autumn counters" to make/extend various patterns with pumpkins, apples, squirrels, acorns and owls. What a fun way to practice those patterning skills!

What a beautiful day for a stroll to Steven's Park!

Friends build a camp fire at Steven's Park.

"Heave Ho!" Friends work together to transport a giant log from one area to another. Great teamwork!

Makenna and Leah stop for a minute, 
mid-climb, to pose for a pic :)

D is for Dinosaurs! 

***Stay tuned for our giant classroom donut display :)

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