Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Thinkers!

Wes, Kallen and Jacob use the dry erase boards during morning free choice to write C words. Excellent drawings and writing, friends!

Today's weekly reader was all about apples! We learned the process in which an apple grows and some new vocabulary too. Did you know that after apple blossoms bloom, they turn into a "fruitlet" and from there, a tiny apple forms?

We learn the parts of an apple and explore a real one during morning snack. Ask your child which parts of the apple he/she remembers!

Nolan and Mya make a very large and elaborate garage in the block area during morning free choice. Great teamwork!

Kallen and Wes build transformers with the wooden magnet blocks. 

What do you do with the bubble wrap your new clock was wrapped in? Play with it of course! This morning we popped, jumped on and made sure every last bubble was squished! Talk about satisfying :)

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