Thursday, November 5, 2015

G is for Goldfish Graphing!

G is for Goldfish Graphing! Today during morning free choice, we work on sorting, counting and graphing colored goldfish crackers. This was a fantastic way to integrate both the letter of the week and emerging math skills. After graphing, children were asked to make observations about their graph. Words such as most, least, more, less and equal were used to describe their work. Excellent job, friends!

Mason and Aatreyu work on completing the monkey bars at Maple Street Park. It takes a lot of focus, strength and determination...nice work, boys!

Eloise goes around and around and around on the corkscrew. She makes it all the way to the bottom just like that!


In today's news...Spiderman and his twin brother were spotted on the seasaw at Maple Street Park!

Friends join in on some serious bubble fun at the park. Look at the size of those bubbles! Don't worry...we got the scoop on how to make our own GIANT bubbles at school...stay tuned!

****Don't forget that tomorrow is our pajama/stuffy celebration! 

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