Thursday, November 12, 2015

Learning Opportunities Abound!

Mason receives a special package in the mail today. 

For his shared snack tomorrow, he will be  making snow cones for us! Today, some yummy flavors arrived. 

Mason takes orders by asking friends which flavor they will have tomorrow. He does a fantastic job making his list...nice writing, Mason!

People often ask me how we incorporate numbers, letters and early literacy concepts into our classroom curriculum. This. This right here is exactly how we do it! We take children's ideas and interests and create ways for them to practice these skills. There are a million learning opportunities each day for children, we just need to recognize, encourage and facilitate them!

Charlotte and Eloise create animal homes for our furry little friends. Once winter sets in, we will begin talking about animal homes, hibernation and exactly what animals do during the cold winter months.

Jack enjoys cleaning up the colored blocks when friends are finished building. He sorts the blocks by color and places them in the correct pales. Sometimes cleaning CAN be fun!

Laura enjoys checking out a new magazine in the classroom. She then begins making her own magazine, complete with princesses and fairies :)

After talking a lot about the harvest season in our classroom, Karsyn sets up an elaborate Thanksgiving feast in dramatic play. Yum!

Wes and Kallen work together to build a house for Jack during morning free choice. Looks nice and cozy! 

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