Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Letter H Sound Circle and Pumpkin Volcanos!

We had lots of creative H items today at our sound circle! Hats, a honey badger, 5 horses, a happy and homemade heart, a huge hula hoop, a Hawaiian Barbie, a Hess helicopter and a hairy spoon (Makenna wins for creativity!).

We've been interested in volcanos since reading about Hawaii and how its islands were made. Today we used our hallowed out pumpkins, vinegar and some baking soda to create erupting volcanos!

First we make predictions..."What do you think will happen when we mix the vinegar and baking soda?"

Then we experiment!

And observe.

We use our five senses to make observations. "What does it smell like?" Mason says it's stinky. "What do you hear?" Jack says he hears a sizzling sound. Great observations, everyone!

 Check out this volcanic eruption!

Today during morning free choice, we attempt to build volcanos with the large cardboard blocks. Here, Quinn explains that the purple cylinder is bigger than the orange one.

We abandon the volcano idea and build dinosaur homes instead :)

Two peas in a pod.

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