Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Letter G!

After our Alphatales story, we create a gigantic G word list! Check it out! Ask your child which word he/she contributed to the list.

Here's a sneak peek of our alphabet project for this week...G is for Guitar! Stay tuned...

G is for Glitter Gak! Friends help to make a gooey batch of gak during morning free choice. What a great way to incorporate science, math and just plain fun exploration!

G is for guitar! Raf's guitar gets us up and moving during our music session :)

Anyone up for a game of Limbo? 

During morning recess, Jack's airplane gets stuck on top of the structure. Don't fret! Wes to the rescue! Wes does some great problem solving and uses a shovel to pull the airplane down from the roof. Way to go, Wes!

Miss Amy and Mason sew our ripped pillows during morning free choice. Thanks for the lesson, Miss Amy and nice  work, Mason!

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