Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another Busy Day!

Today during free choice, we explore, pour, scoop and search for the letter J in the teeny, tiny alphabet noodles. Jack, Laura and Leah were all up for the challenge!

J is for Jacob's jaguar! Excellent work with both the writing and the illustration, Jacob!

Today we all practice writing our first AND last names while signing in. What a great way to sneak in that writing, letter recognition and fine motor work!

Quinn and Jack work together with the large PVC pipes to create a rectangle. Great teamwork!

Meanwhile, Laura works in the sand table with the smaller PVC pipes. She tries to link them all together to make a sand chute.

Miss Amy measures everyone during morning free choice so we can compare our heights from September.

Check out the difference...almost everyone has grown! We will measure again in late January :)

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