Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jets, Jaguars and a Whole Lotta Animals Named Bob!

Our letter J sound circle had some great items in it today. Lots of jaguars and jets!

We do a little painting on this rainy day to chase those blues away.

It was pouring outside during our recess time so we had to think fast and come up with an indoor plan. We decided to illustrate the song "15 Animals" by the Philadelphia Chickens (check it's a fantastic song!) Thanks to Raphael, who introduced this song to us, we came up with an awesome idea!

Jack draws Bob the rabbit.

Eva works on Bob the horse.

Eloise and Laura listen to the song on the laptop while working on the turtle and the 2 fish.

Karsyn decides to make her own "15 Animals" book after illustrating the hamster.

Here, I try to flip through our illustrations as quickly as I can while the song is playing. Pretty tricky business! Ask your child which animal is his/her favorite from the song :)

Today at morning meeting we discuss our block area and how we save the projects that we're working on. Some problems have popped up and we look to the kiddos for some solutions. Together, we come up with a very clear list of expectations for the block area. We are all confident that we came up with some great solutions!

Aatreyu and Charlotte use the jewels and jars for counting and sorting for the letter J week.

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