Friday, January 22, 2016

Owls, Orbs and Ocean Ooze!

The beginnings of an owl...

Lily and Mya help make our classroom owl during afternoon activities. 

O is for Owl! A Mama owl and little owl babies to be exact. We will display our little owl family on Monday...keep an eye out for it!

Today we made Ocean Ooze using vegetable oil, potting soil, cornstarch and water. We were attempting to replicate the ooze found on the ocean floor (thanks to our current Magic Tree House book, Dark Day in the Deep Sea). Let's just say it was....interesting :)

Brave explorers.

Hahaha! Karsyn is not impressed.

Mason and Wes love it!

Jack's favorite part is mixing all of the ingredients together and "squishing" it in between his fingers.

O is for Orbs! Today during morning recess, we are finally able to cut the balloons off of our orbs and use them on the playground. 

Who knew we could have this much fun with balls of ice?!?!?!

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