Friday, January 8, 2016


Kallen and Quinn take a break from playing with the cars and read Beautiful Oops together. What a fantastic book about flexibility and creativity. If you haven't seen it before...definitely check it out!

M is for Map! This morning we created a Road Map on our morning meeting rug. We had a blast zipping our cars in and out of the roadways!

Mya tells us all the words she can think of that begin with the letter M. Let me tell's quite a few! Great work, Mya!

Friends work together to make a large forest scene for our toy animals. Wow! Look how it turned out...trees, lakes, grass, bear caves and plenty of beautiful flowers!

M is for Movin' Monkeys! We have a great time putting the gears together and figuring out how they work. Mason creates a huge gear tower while Charlotte and Mya create a monkey city. 

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