Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Discoveries!

Wes finds a worm outside. After a little research, we learn that worms do indeed have both a head and a tail. The head is the end closest to the thick band around the worms body. If the tail end of the worm gets cut off, it will grow back, but not the other way around. You learn something new every day!

Karsyn donates a large box of puff paints to our classroom. We explore with them during morning free choice.

Kallen writes his name in puff paint. You need a microscope to see it, but it's there! :)

Karsyn, Laura and Lily discover the art of symmetry! They love placing paint on one side of the paper and then folding it over to create a mirror image. What an awesome discovery! 

Those babies needed a good cleaning! Thank goodness we have such caring and nurturing friends in our classroom.

Aatreyu makes a kinetic sand ball using the half circle mold. Great idea!

We are 9 trinkets away from celebrating yet another 100 trinkets. It was time for us to begin brainstorming what exactly that celebration will be. Check out our list!

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