Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Swim Time!

We had a fantastic first swim today at Maple Street Pool! Friends did an awesome job walking to and from the pool, being safe, listening to lifeguards and teachers and being wonderful friends to one another. We look forward to doing it again on Thursday! 

We spent a little time in the park while we waited for our turn in the pool. What a treat!

Memorial Day Parade!

We had such a wonderful turnout for our walk in the Memorial Day Parade! Thanks so much to everyone who came out, braved the heat, supported our program and paid their respect to our veterans/active servicemen. What an awesome tradition for our program!

Friday, May 27, 2016

TH is for THeater...a Puppet THeater!

Laura and Kallen put on a puppet show for Quinn today during morning free choice. 

Quinn gets the idea that he wants to make his own puppets for the show. Great work, Quinn! 

The puppet show audience grows as more and more friends become interested. 

Mason makes it all the way to the top of the swings. Wow! Way to go!

Eloise and Wes make "see-saws" out of large sticks. The 3/4 friends quickly join in on the fun!

Silliness, Lava Lamps and Teamwork!

Nice hat, Mason!

Using water, food coloring, vegetable oil and sparkles, we create "lava lamps" for our classroom. 

Mason works on creating the words and illustrations for his book, "These Are Sea Animals." This is sure to be a New York Times bestseller! Great work, Mase!

Wow! Look at all that awesome teamwork! We can't wait to get our new climbing structures in so we can challenge our growing bodies even more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Letter Blend TH Sound Circle!

Our last sound circle of the year yielded two books beginning with THe, a THank you note, a THermometer, a THermos, the number THirty-THree THousand, THree owls and two lovely drawings of THunderstorms! Nice job, everyone!

Wes shares his drawing of a THunderstorm.

Karsyn and Eloise create a super cool obstacle course during morning recess.

Friends work together to find and collect all sorts of creepy crawly creatures during recess. Spiders, centipedes, worms and "queen ants" oh my!

You may not see it right away, but there's a "tarantula" in this pot.