Friday, September 30, 2016

Apple Crisp and Gummy Bears...Yum!

B is for Baking! Today we baked apple crisp using the leftover apples from our Chapin Orchard trip. We can't wait to taste it during afternoon snack! 

To wrap up our letter B week, we do a large group activity where we sort, count and graph gummy bears. Everyone did a fantastic job listening and using their math skills. It was quite a well deserved treat to eat the gummy bears after the hard work was over! 

Too cute not to share! Allie "reads" a book to the two Reeses during Quiet Choces :) What a great friend! 

B is for Balloon Painting, Body Tracing and Bingo!

B is for balloon painting! What a fun way to explore color mixing and painting with various textures/materials. We loved all the patterns that the balloons filled with both air and sand made on the paper.

B is for body tracing! Check out your child's masterpiece in their cubbies today :)

Our group activity yesterday morning was Alphabet bingo. This is a very concrete way of assessing where children are with their letter recognition and a great way to keep practicing these skills. We are even able to challenge kiddos who need it by incorporating letter sounds into the game.

Nothing beats a good tire race outside during recess! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bubbles, Apple Prints and Sound Circle!

Today during morning activities we created apple prints with some of the apples we picked at Chapin. 

B is for Bubbles! We had a blast exploring the bubble table this morning! It takes a true scientist to figure out just how to blow a bubble on a table full of soap and water with only a straw! Ask your child all about it! 

Bubbles outside too! So fun!

Hendric and Colton use some awesome teamwork creating a huge train track during free choice. Way to go, boys! 

Our letter Bb Sound Circle was a huge success! Thanks for helping us to make this a great learning experience for our kiddos!