Friday, September 23, 2016

Apple Taste Test and Graph!

Today during morning meeting, we did an apple taste test trying 6 different types of apples! Everyone was able to try a slice of each apple and describe how it tasted. We heard a bunch of wonderful adjectives describing the apples...sweet, sour, juicy, crunchy, fresh, soft, etc.

Who knew that there were so many kinds of delicious apples?!?!?! We loved trying them all! Except maybe Madisyn with that Granny WAS a little sour! :)

Next, we took turns sharing which apple was our favorite. We graphed our results and used math words such as equal, more than and less than to "read" the graph. What a great way to introduce these early math concepts in a fun, concrete way!

Be sure to check out our graph today at pick-up!

Today on our rainy romp, we discover one beautiful and bright red leaf. From there, friends find leaf after leaf to create this gorgeous collection. We love Fall in Vermont! 

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