Thursday, September 1, 2016

Busy Bees!

Today during read aloud, we read "How Full is Your Bucket?" to get us thinking about how it feels when our buckets are empty/full. We will begin working on our Bucket Filling project this afternoon. Keep an eye out for our giant classroom bucket (and ways that we, as a class, work together to make each other feel special) over the next couple of days! 

Aaron works on building a giant train track this morning. Wow! Way to go, Aaron...that's a lot of work.

Friends work on some drawings during Quiet Choices. I think we have a classroom full of artists! 

"Train!!!!!" Both the Explorers and the Discoverers LOVE to see the train pass our school each day! 

Colton, Thomas and Grayson work together to create a looooooong wall of cones during morning recess. Awesome! 

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