Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Discoverers At Their Best!

Allie, Cam and Madisyn build a super creative zoo out of wooden blocks, tree blocks and rocks. Wow! Well done!

Reese begins some great work with the PVC pipes during morning free choice. Madisyn then joins her as her structure gets much bigger (and much harder to hold!). 

Hendric gets an up-close view of the traffic jam he built from the wooden train tracks :)

"Anyone want any cupcakes?" Baker Declan is taking orders! 

Easton discovers that if he squeezes the end of the funnel, the beads come out much easier. Nice problem solving!

Friends work on some drawings during quiet choices. Look at all those cute little people!

Nice hula-hooping, Allie!

Cora puts a bucket on her head and chaos ensues! Friends love the idea of playing music on the pots...that are on their heads. So silly!

Everyone waves to the train conductor as he drives past. We love seeing the train each day! 

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