Monday, October 17, 2016

E is for Exploring!

Cade and Hendric explore the Easter eggs in the sand table during morning free choice.  Hendric notices the holes in the bottom of the eggs and discovers various ways to pour the sand from one egg to another.  How clever!

Reese uses our Fall loose materials to count and sort.  Many friends use our wooden scale to experiment with weight and balance as well.  So many fun ways to work out these critical thinking skills!

Friends love exploring our new cornstalks and hula hoops outside during recess.  Getting out and exploring nature is so important for little ones...we love our outdoor time!

We prepare for our "Leaves Change Colors" science experiment by collecting various colors of leaves out on our playground.  We will conduct our experiment tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned for our predictions, our process and our results!

1 comment:

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