Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Friday Discoveries



Friends explore the water tables with tubes, funnels, basters and scoops during morning free choice.  With yellow and green water, we are also able to work with color mixing.  Hendric discovers that if he connects the tube with a turkey baster at one end and a funnel on the other, that he can squirt the water out the top of the funnel.  What a fun (and super wet) discovery!

To explain how and why leaves produce chlorophyll and what happens to leaves during the fall months, we conduct an experiment during morning meeting.  We place crushed leaves of various colors in separate jars, add rubbing alcohol and then a strip of coffee filter in hopes to see the colors of the leaves drawn out onto the filter.  We make predictions of what will happen with the coffee filter and the liquid in the jars.  Friends agree that the liquid will change to the color of the leaves in the jar and that the coffee filter will be wet and possibly change color as well.  We plan to check back in in the morning to make some observations.

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