Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Leaves Change Color" Science Experiment


E is for Experiments!  Today during morning meeting, we continue our "Leaves Change Color" experiment by crushing 4 different colored leaves, soaking them in rubbing alcohol and adding a strip of coffee filter to the solution.  Our goal is to see the different colored pigments that are inside each leaf.  The lack of chlorophyll in each leaf will change it to a different color in the fall and we, the budding scientists, want to discover exactly which colors are present.  We made some predictions this morning and we will check back in tomorrow for some observations.  Stay tuned for our results!

Yuck!  Rubbing alcohol is super stinky!

We look forward to checking back in tomorrow to see what has happened over night.  Feel free to take your own peek at drop-off.  Our experiment is on top of our block area cubby shelf.

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