Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Letter F

Yesterday during morning meeting we began working on the letter F.  We read our Alphatales story Fifi Ferret's Flute and then brainstormed a FANTASTIC word list.

Thomas writes an uppercase F for us on the dry erase board.

Check out that list!  F is definitely one of those letters that is easier for kiddos to recognize in various words.

We explore the gourds and pumpkins from the Explore room (thanks Aidan and family!) during free choice.  Friends create patterns with, count, sort and haul their harvest as they work together.

Colton and Reese cut out various shapes with the playdough.  Reese says, "Look!  I made a big triangle out of these little ones!"  Meanwhile, Colton counts the hearts that he made.  "There's 11 hearts!"

Nice job making the letter F, Aaron!

Colton and Cade practice writing their names with the dry erase boards.  Have you checked out your child's name during their morning sign in?  They are looking great!

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