Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday Wonders

Theo, the all powerful milk crate bandit, uses all of the crates on our playground to make a fortress during recess.

Wow!  That's even taller than Ms. Christina!  Nice stacking, Theo.

Declan and Thomas take a break on their nice, cozy tire beds.

Hendric and Aaron work together to roll and kick the soccer ball down the slide.  "Watch how far it rolls, Aaron!" 

Cora "paints" our chalk wall with a stick and some water outside.  What a creative and wonderful way to step away from the hustle and bustle of outdoor play!

Our letter J sound circle was a great success!  J is for jam, jelly, jackets, jet, jersey, Joker, Jessie and juice!

Today during morning meeting, we work together to create some "calm down" bottles to put in the Safe Space of our classroom.  Glitter glue, regular glitter and some hot water make up these super cool calming tools.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Ice (and Ice Cream) Exploration Continued

Our ice experimentation continued on Friday as we added salt, hot water, sugar cubes and tools to chip away at our ice shapes.  We even brought our experiments outside during recess.  

Allie loves to look around the classroom and copy the words that she sees.  "Icky Sticky Iguanas..." nice job, Allie :)

Cora and Olivia being silly in the block area...

During morning free choice, we take out the dry erase/chalk board easels.  Check out these little artistes! 

I is for Ice Cream!  We make some delicious homemade ice cream using only half and half, sugar and vanilla extract/cocoa.  We place the ingredients in a sandwich bag, zip it up and place it in a larger bag with rock salt and ice.  And then we SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE until the mixture firms up and has the consistency of ice cream.  The last step is to eat it...yum!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I is for Ice

 We explore various colors, shapes and sizes of the water we froze yesterday.  Some friends make sculptures while others experiment with chipping away at the ice.  We even add in some gloves filled with water to our play. 

To begin preparing for our Friendsgiving Feast, we do some partner painting to create our "centerpieces."  On these hearts, each friend will explain why they are thankful for another child in the class.  What a beautiful and thoughtful way to continue building our classroom community.

Wow!  Check out our letter I sound circle...nice job, everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Fun!

We explore food coloring, water and oil during morning free choice today.  So many different ways to mix colors and investigate the relationship between oil and water.

 I is for igloos!  Declan makes a nice cozy igloo for his penguin out of sugar cubes.  How cute!

Today during music class with Raph we dance our sillies out!

We take the chalk out during morning recess and friend begin to draw pictures and write the letter of the week.  Theo and Cora write both the upper and lowercase I's.  Way to go, smart cookies!