Monday, November 14, 2016

I is for Investigating!

We check in on our decomposing pumpkins today and draw some of our observations.  There were a lot of descriptive words like slimey, gooey, rotten, sludgy, smelly and squishy used while friends were recording their observations.

We begin working on the letter I with our Alphatales story, "Iggy the Iguana."

Cora and Colton write the upper and lowercase Is for us before we begin our brainstorm of I words.

Another great word list...great work, everyone!

Hendric and Easton spend most of the morning playing together in the block area.  They make a wonderful airport complete with a runway and two airplanes made of magnet blocks.  Way to go!

Colton and Reese P. work very diligently to make this amazing bear line-up.  We count them after they are finished...123 bears!  Wow!

Today we began reading or ninth Magic Tree House book.  Friends are loving these books...ask your child which one has been his/her favorite thus far!

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