Sunday, December 3, 2017

We are Scientists!

Friends explore baking soda, vinegar and food coloring during morning free choice.  These scientists discover the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar and experiment with color mixing along the way. 

Independently, Natalie writes the entire alphabet during quiet choices. about kindergarten work! 
Way to go, Natalie!

F is for Flowers and Fancy Feet!

Friends create their own flowers for the letter of the week.  Iris' flower and her writing will make it on our Alphabet Wall this week.  Nice work, Iris!

F is for Fancy Feet!  Who knew that it would be so hard to draw with your feet?!?!?!

Taya says No Thanks and uses her hands...apparently they work better for drawing :)

The Work of a Discoverer

F is for Fruit!  Amelia works during quiet choices to draw several types of fruit...great work!

Kai and Kellan try sharing the swing and it works (at least for a few minutes :)!

During morning meeting, we read one of our new Scholastic book order books.  This is a wonderful book of mindfulness and centering yourself during times of duress and/or conflict.  Discoverers were very responsive to both the book and its message. 

Friends work during morning free choice to create their own animal books.  We raid our bookshelves to find just the right photographs of butterflies, raccoons and cheetahs.

The letter F Sound Circle!

Teachers need rest too, ya know...

100 Trinket Celebration!

Our celebration for earning 100 trinkets of kindness, flexibility, problem solving, listening and making good choices for ourselves was a success!  Who doesn't love being cozy with pajamas, friends and stuffed animals?!?!?!?!