Monday, January 30, 2017

Letters Q and R!

Friends work during morning free choice to practice writing Q words and the alphabet.   Wow! Nice writing!  

During afternoon activities, friends work on our letter Q project...a  giant Question mark painted with Q-tips :)

Madisyn creates a dry erase board masterpiece...nice work!

Before we read our Alphatales story, Rosie's Red Redish,we practice writing the uppercase and lowercase R with our imaginary pencils. 

Thanks to Cora and Madisyn for writing the upper and lowercase Rs on our dry erase board.

Wow!  Check out that R word list!  Nice job, Discoverers!

R is for Rainbow slime!  What a fun afternoon activity :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sledding and Sound Cirlces!

We enjoyed another great sound circle today during morning meeting.  Check out all of these fantastic Q items!

Madisyn helps me to clean and dry some of our toys before snack.  Thanks for the help, Madisyn!

Who's up for a jumping contest?  Look at all these future Olympic long jumpers!

We loved taking out the sleds today and zipping down our little hill.  Ask you child all about it :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Letter Q

Q is for Queens (and Kings and crowns of course!)

Colton and Madisyn write the uppercase and lowercase Qs for us today during morning meeting.

Our Alphatales story, The Quiet Quail, helps us to recognize the Q sound in various words.

After the story, we create our own Q word list...not bad for such a tricky letter!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Yikes! Slime!

We borrow some of the Explorers' homemade "slime" today and use it with our Legos.  It was so much fun to get our Lego vehicles, structures and people stuck in that slime!  Our imaginations ran wild :)

Hendric and Cade experiment with letting the slime ooze off of the table.  Hendric even has the idea to hang it from one chair to the next.  Now that's creative thinking!

Lots of beautiful unicorns were created during quiet choices this morning!  Look at those majestic creatures!

Hendric and Theo work on puzzles together during quiet choices.  They are so focused and use such great teamwork that they are able to finish TWO puzzles!  Look how proud they are :)