Saturday, January 7, 2017

Letter N Sound Circle

Our letter N sound circle yielded a Nike shoe, some Ninja Turtles, Nemo, a notebook, a nutcracker, some noodles and much more!  Nice work, everyone!

 Reese and Allie sort the various types of beans at our texture table.  We counted 8 different types of beans in there!


Friends work on painting and drawing during morning free choice.  Check out Cam's picture...she drew herself, Brennan and Allie.  Quite the masterpiece (and nice writing too)!

Hendric discovers the perfect place for his ferry boat during morning recess...a nice deep puddle!  Madisyn can't help but notice how fun this looks and joins in.  

Allie and Violet work together with our new gears (thank you Aaron!).  They discover that as long as the gears are touching one another, they are linked and will turn together in unison.  They make their gear board longer and longer to test out their theory.  Great teamwork and problem solving!

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