Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday Teamwork


Today during morning free choice, friends explore the PVC pipes in the sand table.  They use the pipes, funnels and scoops to explore how the sand moves through each item.   They work together to build tall sections of piping as they pour sand down from the top.  We made some great discoveries today!

We pull our dramatic play materials over to the meeting rug to create a lovely picnic.  We even have a sleep over complete with wooden "tablets" to play on before bed.

Cora and Allie work diligently with the Lincoln Logs to create a house for their Lego people.  Lincoln Logs can be tricky business...great job sticking with it, girls!

Olivia, the letter O star of the week, starts writing O words today during quiet choices.  Soon, friends join in and begin writing their own O words.  How awesome to see these kiddos sharpening their pre-reading and writing skills...these letters of the week are really paying off!

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