Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Starting Our Seeds

 To prepare for our new raised garden beds, we begin planting our seedlings.  We planted cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas and sunflowers.  After our clean up day when the raised beds are made, we will also plant carrots, radishes and lettuce in the gardens.

We love making new batches of slime.  And Legos...we just love our Legos :)

Letter Sounds

During morning meeting, we play a game called "What's the first sound in your name?"  In this game, children wear a picture of an animal and have to say the first sound they hear when that name is said (i.e. lion starts with the LLLLLLLLL begins with the letter L).  This is a fantastic way to reinforce those early literacy skills we've been working on this year.  Ask your child which animal he/she was and which letter it began with!

"Growing" flowers with paint and cookie cutters.

Creative Kids

Friends find a worm and keep him safe during morning recess.

Way to be creative with the puzzles, Cora!

More creativity with the Overhead Projector :)

Thomas' "ice castle" made out of legos.  Awesome!

Olivia and Allie practice hula hooping during recess.

Lego city!

Egg Painting!

Originally we had planned to use hard boiled eggs to "marble paint" with.  When we didn't have any, we problem solved and used our plastic Easter eggs instead.  After some eggsperimenting (haha!), we finally found just the right combination of paint and eggs (weighted down with rocks).

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

During morning meeting, we read Eating the Alphabet.  What a great way to incorporate learning about gardening, fruits and vegetables while continuing our work on letter sound recognition.

We loved reading our Weekly Reader and Science Spin magazines.  Ask your child what he/she learned from these magazines!

Check out our new springtime meeting spots when you come into our classroom next. 
They are springtastic!