Thursday, April 6, 2017

Swing Into Spring!

We loved reading our Weekly Reader this week.  What a great way to "Swing Into Spring!"

Declan uses some of the knowledge he gained from our weekly reader and "waters" the tree during recess.  We learn that a tree has similar parts to any other plant.  Roots, a stem (trunk), leaves and flowers and/or fruit.

Our daily reflection from Tuesday prompted us to think about what we will plant in our preschool garden this year.  Ask your child what he/she answered for this question.

Mud play is the best play!

Wow!  Colton and Aaron work so hard during morning free choice to create this amazing block city.  Look at all those colors!

Another great daily reflection to get us thinking about Spring.  "What are the four parts of a plant?"

Colton explores the wooden pieces and creates a very tall, wobbly tower.  Awesome!

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